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Intensive coaching for growth

The program starts off with a 10-month intensive coaching to strategic growth areas. 

Coaching areas for growth include:

  1. Customers, marketing, brand & communications

  2. Sales & sales management

  3. Operations, management, teams, KPI:s

  4. Finance

The content of the coaching will be tailored to fit company-specific needs. 

During these ten months the company will have a strong team of experts coaching them in these areas of growth as well as have their own appointed mentor that will support and help the company through the entire program.

The mentor will remain the same throughout the program, ensuring that they will be very familiar with your company's situation and needs.

Mentoring and networking to make things happen

After ten months the company will have up to 20 months of mentoring and networking to secure better customer deals and work on their finance. 

The company will have the possibility to network with investors and have our experts' help and support in securing the funding they need. All companies in the program can take part in the funding panel organised by Venture Development Finland Ltd.

The community

Only one company per theme of business can be in the Accelerator program. This means that no competitors can take part in the program at the same time. 

The Accelerator program forms a community within the participants. You will get to network with the other companies and support each other in your growth goals. 

There are multiple group coaching days in the program. This is to give you the opportunity to find any co-operating possibilities, get support from one another and grow together. Connections formed in the Accelerator program could be priceless for your company's future.

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