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Program to accelerate your growth

Venture Development Finland Ltd. has launched a Business Accelerator program designed to transform your company into a fastly growing business that will turn your business dreams into reality.


With the help of our experts and mentors, you will develop the skills to target and refine every aspect of your company during our 10+10 month program.

  • 10 months intensive coaching and strategic input on all main areas necessary for growth

  • Up to 10 months of mentoring and networking for better customer deals and finance

On top of the expertise our mentors and coaches will provide you with, you will have the chance to learn and network with the other participant companies in the program. You will also have the chance to participate in our funding panel where you will get to pitch your business straight to our network of investors.



program content

What is the Accelerator Program? Could this be the right move for you? Find out!


This is how the Program goes. Check out the schedule!

how to apply

Do you want to be in the Accelerator? Here's how to apply!


ask us anything

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