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Venture Development Accelerator

The Accelerator Program consists of ten months of intensive coaching and strategic input on all main areas of growth, followed by up to 10 months of mentoring and networking for better customer deals and finance.

Coaching areas for growth:

  1. Customers, marketing, brand & communications

  2. Sales & sales management

  3. Operations, management, teams, KPI:s

  4. Finance

The program will give you the chance to learn from a strong team of experts that will help with growth and internationalization for your business.

The program is tailored to fit your company’s individual needs.

Who is the program for?

To participate in the Accelerator program, your company should be:

  • Doing business in one of the following industries: health & well-being technology, ICT/AI, manufacturing

  • Have cumulative revenue of the recent years over one million euros

The cost of the program is 2 500 € / month. ELY-services can be applied to some of the coaching.

We will not take competitor companies in to the program to ensure a safe community for the participants to share, develop and grow their businesses. If you want in, apply now!

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What is the Accelerator Program? Could this be the right move for you? Find out!


This is how the Program goes. Check out the schedule!

how to apply

Do you want to be in the Accelerator? Here's how to apply!


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